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If you have never tried outsourcing or looking to hire top quality freelancers, here are some tips to get you started:

  • Ask a question
    As part of your project brief, ask the freelancers to provide an answer in their proposals. The question depends on you and your project, it can be as sophisticated as “Derive the law of thermodynamics” or as simple as “Who is the current President of U.S.A”.
  • Communicate right away
    Start messaging the freelancers. This is critical to ensure no communication problems in the future. Remember that your freelancer might not be from the same country and speak the same language as yours.
  • Check their (real-time!) resume
    A great proposal and an excellent track record are your best allies in spotting the most skilled freelancers. Check out their portfolio and recently completed projects. PS: feedback from other employers is really helpful!
  • Test with a small task
    Hiring a freelancer is no different to building a relationship. Both parties have to build their mutual trust through incremental achievements. You can hire them for a small fixed budget or on hourly basis.
  • Move fast!
    If your freelancer is not performing as you expected, move on and find a better freelancer! With more than 9 million users on the site, what are the chances of not finding a great partner for your master plan?

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